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    “Do not disdain a good deed even if it is your meeting with your brother with a cheerful face.” - Prophet Muhammad, PBUH: [Muslim]
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MANA Participation at Chicago Arabesque 2010

MANA has successfully participated in the fourth annual Chicago Arabesque which was held from Thursday, June 24th to Saturday, June 26th, 2010 on Daley Plaza. This is MANA’s first participation in Chicago Arabesque.

MANA (board) members have proudly helped different people by answering their questions and informing them about the Association’s activities and mission.

MANA would like to thank the following community members for volunteering at the booth during the event:
Linda Zenati, Asma Hamadi, Souhaib Boundaoui, Ilies Hamadi, and Okba Hamadi

Please take a minute to look at the photo album for pictures of this event.

Assalamu Alaikum,
Sr Haiat B.
MANA Board Member & Event Leader

Mayor Richard M. Daley addressing Chicago Arabesque

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