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    “Do not disdain a good deed even if it is your meeting with your brother with a cheerful face.” - Prophet Muhammad, PBUH: [Muslim]
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Summer Camp

MANA Camp 2018 Information (pdf)

Five-day Camp Schedule (pdf)

First, Register Online by clicking Here…

Second, pay online securely via PayPal by clicking PAY HERE.

Alternatively, you may download the registration form if you would like to pay by check or cash, and call (708) 465-5252 to arrange for other payment options that are more convenient for you.

Camp Fees:

  • Parent / Adult – $350 each person
  • Children 12 and up – $350 each child
  • Children 6 to 11 – $270 each child
  • Children 2 to 5 – $100 each child
  • Children under 2 – Free

وصية الشيخ موسى للجالية المسلمة في شيكاغو – Sheikh Moussa at 2012 MANA Summer Camp





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