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Camp 2010 Welcome Letter | Video included

Dear MANA friends,

Assalam Alaikoum wa Rahmatullah

As our 2010 Summer Camp quickly approaches, I would like to take a moment to welcome all of you. While many of you are returning to the Camp, many others are new and coming from neighboring states. This summer promises, with Allah’s permission, to be an exciting and enriching experience for all our camp guests both children and adults. I want to specifically express my appreciation and thanks for your continued support for this annual event and enthusiasm as a contributing part of MANA’S community.

Over the last 13 years, MANA Summer Camp has hosted families from all over the United States, Canada as well as their guests from Europe and the Maghreb. Our week-long program includes a variety of athletic, educational and spiritual activities for children, young adults and adults.

Prior to June 25th, 2010, I encourage you to take advantage of our early registration opportunity. This allows our team of organizers and volunteers to plan ahead of time and ensure the quality of our services and programs. But I also encourage everyone, while at the camp, to enjoy their time and take the opportunity to build genuine relationships that will continue beyond the camp week. Especially, I call upon the parents to try to connect or reconnect with their children.

I am looking forward to spending a fantastic summer with all of you. I pray that Allah Exalted give us the wisdom to make this year’s camp a blessed gathering and rewarding in both our Deen and Duniya.


Salah Benchehida
President, MANA

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