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Inna Lilahi Wa Inna Ilayhi Rajiun

Inna Lilahi

Maghrib Association of North America is deeply saddened to announce the passing away of:

Brother Mohamed Bouras (Hamado) in Chicago.

We pray that Allah Subhanaho wa thaala may forgive his sins and grant him a place in Jannat al Firdous. We pray to Allah SWT to give patience to his family, relatives and friends.

“الذين اذا اصابتهم مصيبة قالوا انا لله وانا اليه راجعون”

“Who, when a misfortune overtakes them, say: ‘Surely we belong to Allah and to Him shall we return’.”

Salat Aljanaza will take place at MCC tomorrow Wednesday June 23rd 2021 after Zuhr prayer at 1:30pm

Will post more info about salat janaza inshaAllah once we have time.

2 Responses

  1. انا لله و انا اليه راجعون ولا حول ولا قوه الا بالله اللهم ارحمه برحمتك

  2. انا لله وانا اليه راجعون
    رحمه الله واسكنه فسيح جناته

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