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MANA 2018 Elections – Results


MANA has concluded the election on Friday March 2nd and below are the final results.
MANA congratulates the elected New President ” Mehdi Ben Aribi” and welcomes new Board members to our community.  The new board is composed of experienced members who have served the community for many years as well as new faces and new talent which will help serve our growing community, respond to new challenges, and  shape MANA’s future.

Again, we thank our community for their participation and support during the election process.

Mehdi Ben aribi 22
Board Members:
Abderrahmane Khellil 22
Jallal Jilali ElOrch 21
Nouha Boukertacha 20
Bakr Yahia 20
Waes Ben salem 19
Aicha Bouabdelaoui 19
Najat Brika 19
Mouncef Elalamy 19
Hamid Chahri 18
Amina Hannache 18
Abderrahmane Amiar 17
Imad Boundaoui 17
Khalid Najimi 17
Ilias Najimi 17
Soufiane Yabi 17
Salah Najimi 16
Youssef Zaari 16
Fatima Ezzohra Elamri 15
Hanan El Rhalib 15
Amina Ben Abdalla 14
Abdelouahed Chknat 13

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