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Search for Key Staff Positions at CIOGC

Council of Islamic Organizations of Greater Chicago has had an incredible 2011 with your support and the support of our supporters, member organizations, House of Representatives, Board and amazing staff. It’s no secret that the challenges facing our community are many and the work in front of us is difficult. But with prayer and hard work, we will continue to see success after success consistent with the growth, diversity and dynamism of our community here in Illinois.

As an organization and an institution that serves as a unifying federation of over 60 masajid, Islamic centers, social service, advocacy, professional and other Muslim organizations, the Council remains seriously under-staffed. The quality and amount of programming and activity that we saw in 2011 has really stretched our staff.

The Board of Directors, in its efforts to follow the Strategic Plan that was adopted by the House of Representatives, has decided that we have now reached a point in our development where we are on a more solid footing to bring on an Executive Director to oversee the organization on a day-to-day basis and serve as the principal spokesperson for the Council.

Knowing our community as you do, you know that this will not be an easy job! However, we trust that this role will prove immensely rewarding despite the challenges.

We are also actively seeking a communications manager. If you know someone who has suitable skills and experience and a passion to serve the community in these roles, please let them know about these opportunities.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call or email me at
312.933.5423 or masbahi@asbahilaw.com.


Mazen Asbahi
Chair, Personnel Committee
Council of Islamic Organizations of Greater Chicago

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